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Follow These 4 simple steps to start taking tests that will improve your understanding for life.

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Register with Mihomework in order to start taking tests. Registration is simple and usually takes less time to setup.

Purchase Access code

You can purchase access codes from any Finlite sales outlet or use your Debit/Credit Card i.e. Visa/Mastercard or MPower and Mobile Money to top up.

Visit the shop to make purchase

You can buy a single subject by clicking on the briefcase or Purchase full package by ticking the small box beside the briefcase.

Its Time to take your Test

Visit the Study Zone and select any subject you wish to take and voila!
You are ready to begin the process of taking test that will improve your understanding for life.

That Simple!


To report issues on questions, answers, Mihomework features, layout of page etc,

  1. Click the “Feedback” tab on the top right corner of the page
  2. Fill out the appropriate details below and click “Submit”
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