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Week 1 of Mihomework weekly challenges has been released! , Jun 14, 2016

Hello Students, Please be informed that, week 1 of the weekly mihomework Knowledge Bowl Challenge has been released today the 10th of June 2016.

The weekly challenge is a way to to test understadning on 6 subjects treated in school during the week.

The weekly challenge is open to all pupils in Junior High Schools. A user first needs to register to gain access to the portal. Already registered users should simply login with their usernames and passwords and head straight to the shop to purchase "MKBC weekly Test" at no cost.

Mihomework Knowledge Bowl Challenge (MKBC) weekly test is a 20 question test on Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English Language, ICT and R.M.E for 25 minutes.

The Mihomework Knowledge Bowl Challenge (MKBC) weekly test will be the basis for grading students for competition packages.

Competition packages include; bag packs, Customized T/shirts and Tablets for the term and GHs 5000 at the end of the year.

PUPILS are encouraged to participate in the weekly challenges to test their understanding on topics treated in school and also to stand the chance of winning amazing Prizes.

Best of Luck,

The Finlite Group 



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